Now Serving Lobster Mac N Cheese In Skyway

best lobster mac n cheese in seattle

Catfish Corner Express is now putting a twist on their already famous homestyle mac n cheese. Lobster mac n cheese is now available at the Catfish Corner Express in Skyway.

Critics are already calling Catfish Corner’s Lobster Mac N Cheese the BEST Lobster Mac N Cheese in Seattle!

The mac n cheese at Catfish Corner was already famous to the area. It was already safe to say they have the best homestyle mac n cheese in Renton. If not the best mac n cheese in Seattle entirely. They have had this reputation since 1985.

the best lobster mac n cheese in seattle

The seafood, lobster included, has always been top of the line at Catfish Corner. So it’s unsurprising that bringing these two together has quickly created the best lobster mac n cheese in Seattle.

While other soul food restaurants in Seattle continue to try and replicate the famous family recipes and new additions that we make here at Catfish Corner in Renton.

So come down to Skyway and be sure to try the best Lobster Mac N Cheese you’ll find in Seattle! Right here at Catfish Corner Express!

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