The Best Snapper In Seattle – Available Now At Skyway Catfish Corner!

best snapper in seattle

At Skyway Catfish Corner Express we’re known for having the best fried snapper in Seattle. And it’s not just because we have perfected our frying to a science bringing you the same perfectly, golden crispy fillet of Snapper every time. There is an even bigger reason why Skyway Catfish Corner Express has the best snapper in Seattle.

Unlike certain similar chains in the central district, our fish NEVER comes frozen in a dirty brown box. All of our fish, including our snapper, come directly from the lake, to the kitchen, and too your plate. And we’ll do it in record time too.

snapper snack pack

If you’re interested in trying Snapper and never have before, don’t forget about our Snapper Snack Pack option!

For only $9.99 you can get a quarter pound of the best snapper in Seattle, along with a drink and side of your choice. Either our home made corn bread, crispy fries, or perfectly prepared hush puppies. We promise you. You won’t be disappointed.

best snapper in Seattle

In fact, we’re so confident that you will love Snapper, that we will give a free sample away to any first time customer. Just come to the front desk and ask!

Come on down to Skyway Catfish Corner Express and see why we have the best snapper in Seattle.

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